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March 30, 2009



Well she looks like a pretty lovely dawg to me! xoxoxo

Nancy Gene Armstrong.

Carla,I kind of like the new look to the pieces. They have real character now. Go with it.


my dogs would have done the same thing. I think my whole life revolves around saying "Oh you Naughty dogs" but I get suckered in again and forgive them.
I would re use the heart for sure. it looks very cool now:)

karenann Young

I'd go for it also and make a collage out of what happened. It might be kind of interesting!!!

A Twitter User

Sweet thing! She just couldn't resist it!

kim logan

but soooo cute..!!!!

Miz Carla

Hi Nancy

You're probably right. It does have some added "mojo" now, so I'll put it back together and hang it back up in the tree.

You bracing yourself for all the weather that's headed our way?

stay nice and dry

Miz Carla

LOL--I wonder if she was disappointed w/ the taste? She's a naughty girl who *HAS* to taste everything.

Loved the zine Deryn--I'm still not finished reading it!


Miz Carla

Kim it's that cuteness factor that saves her :D I just can't resist her "smile" and big brown eyes!

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