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May 18, 2009



Miz CARLA!!!!!

I am loving your photography-- YOU have such a terrific eye for color and composition! Beautiful!!! Things are busy around here. I have been the principal at the school where I work for nearly a year now and we are expecting identical twin girls in 6 weeks... can you believe it??? Life sure does take crazy turns sometimes. I miss ART so much. I was at the bookstore the other day pouring over magazines and new books--I have the bug and must make the time or I just might die. so dramatic...same ol' me! I miss you and Marie and all my art friends terribly! Hope your day is beautiful sweetie!


C. (not to be confused with the other C...hehe)

Maija Lepore

What a scary ordeal!!!!! Time to upgrade to cable girlfriend!!
Your babies look darling in the magic light- I need some of that! I, too, am ready for school to be over- my oldest graduated high scholl n /friday and my youngest has 8th grade promotion tonight!
Yay! Summer is here!

Wendy Burton

OH MY! What a scare. And to have been sitting right at the computer. Thank goodness you are all OK and your house as well.
Thanks for the beautiful photos. I especially ♥ the one of your girls in the "magic" light.

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