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December 31, 2010


Jennifer Richardson

So glad to find you!
Artsy goal for 2011:
to pull out of me
all of the aliveness
hiding behind
fearful excuses
and splash them onto
whatever canvas I have
at my fingertips.
No excuses.
No retreat:)
Thanks for this generous

Kim Eisner

So glad I heard about Marie! My goals are to expand my artistic and computer skills for more creativity. This sounds like magic to me. Hope I can win a class!!!

Diane Marra

I would love to win this class! I am still learning PS Elements, I am not digital inclined. My goals for this year ( as shown on my blog), One little word ( with Alie Edwards at Big Picture), Art Journaling every day with Julie Balzer ( and to learn and be more proficient with PS! Thanks for the opportunity

jean hutter

I would love to win - I really need to get back into digital art. Maybe that should be an artsy goal. I am a fine artist and jewelry maker and my goals are to spend more time creating and get better organized.

Thanks for doing this - and good luck to everyone ; )


I really need to get back to my art. I have been away too long. This sounds like just the thing to spark me back. Thanks for sharing.
fondly, Nancy

sue pieper

I was just looking at this class a day or 2 ago, and it looks so cool, so please toss my name in the hat, Miz Carla. And a big thanks to both you & Marie for offering this!
As for artsy goals-as usual more than possible. But, that said, I want to fill (really fill) a journal-every single page! Try out all the new "toys" that I've bought in the last couple of years that are still in the studio-untouched, sad but true. Clean that studio-man oh man. But mostly to just DO, enjoy the process, play, be creative like I've never done before, and quit worrying about things I have no control over and just just have fun, living life. I'd love to see a pile of completed projects and skills learned and/or improved on, both old & new. Think that's enough:)


learning to do more Photoshop is one of my goals for 2011 - so please count me in!


Would love to take part in this great Digital Art Journal workshop.

I have the latest Windows version of Photoshop and need to start utilizing it and incorporating it into my art. ONe of my goals this year is to COMPLETE (1) piece a week at least. But, need to learn the tools first.

Thanks for giving me this chance.

Tammy Lee Bradley

I would love to learn about this digital format and continue to grow our wonderful photography collaborative for women.

Tammy Lee

Bev Baird

What an extraordinary giveaway! Yesterday was my birthday and one of my goals for this year was to work with and learn photoshop! I love the act of taking photos and what a an added skill it would be to take a course in photoshop! thanks for the opportunity!
I too want to do art -daily if possible and so far I am on that track!


Wow, what a great contest! Thank you Carla and Marie for offering it. :)

My goals this year include a) continuing to explore new techniques including playing with photoshop elements 9 since lately I've neglected my digital side, and b) trying to delve more deeply into myself when I create- I usually create for fun/out of fun, but perhaps I need to exorcise a few demons by getting more personal in my art.


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