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February 22, 2011


Cindy Trobaugh

I guess I'm first again!! LOL! But seriously, Carla, I have your blogs bookmarked and pretty much pass by daily. I like to keep up with what you have been up to. I have just always liked your attitude about everything.


Way cool!!!!!!!!!! I would love this! I need all the digital art help I can get... lol

Paula Bogdan

Oh, boy, pick me! Pick me! I'd love this! (DO I sound like the kids I teach or what?)


Now I know what you mean when talking about "the click", and I´d love to learn more - so please enter my name in your drawing, Carla!

Maria Davis

I would LOVE to get a spot in this workshop. I LOVE digital Art. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Lisa crofts

I would to win a pot in this class. It looks like awesome class with lots of cool things to learn

Lisa crofts

Obviously a spot in this class would be better than a pot :)))


I would love to win a spot in this class - can always improve on those editing and digital art skills!


oh, this would be a great thing to win!

Alta Olden

As a newbie to digital art...I have so much to learn. I love your friend's work and hope to take her class whether I win or not. Thanks!


Love PSE but I don't really know my way 'round it like I wish I did. Cheers - Kathy

Cathy Sylvester

Hi: wow, love your blog. Please sign me up for the draw.

WooHoo! If there was ever a class I needed, it would be something digital. And, since the 28th is my lucky day (anniversary) I can't possibly resist! Thanks for sharing the love :)

Danita art

I'd love to win a spot! Please add me to your giveaway :)


Great giveaway. Would love the chance to learn about digital art. Please drop my name into the hat.

Debby -- Romancing the Bling

Carla...thank you so much for this awesome give away! I so appreciate the opportunity!



here's hoping.
(fingers, toes and eyes crossed)

Joan Prall

Thank you for your give away. I
would love to learn more about
digital art!

Carol P

I would love to win this class. My husband got me Photoshop 2 Christmases ago and I have yet to learn how to take advantage of all it offers. Thank you for this opportunity to learn something!
Carol P
[email protected]

Betty Anne

I would love to advance my skills in digital photography. Thanks for offering the opportunity.


well, i hope my name is randomly drawn!


I would love to win! Thank you for the opportunity!

Theresa Rubletz

My dream. How to actually know photoshop. I would love this.


I am so happy to have another chance to win a spot in Marie's class. I love it that you give her such a great testimonial, just makes me even more excited about having the chance to win. I always love another junker too, so nice to meet you :)


I would love to win a spot!

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